Copperwood is one of the largest and oldest cities in the Territories. It has many trades represented and also does a fair share of harvesting, milling and carpentry. Its largest trade is the mining and smithing of metals, mainly copper. If Copperwood was not so large, it would be completely self-sufficient.

Ironwood and Copperwood are responsible for most of the metal goods of the Territories. The smiths and armorers of Copperwood are known for making all manner of metal items and weapons, as well as the coins used by Sprucetuck and Elmoss—and Walnutpeck before it fell.

The city sprawls up inside a large oak to its tallest branches. Lookouts watch for predators, the comings and goings of mice, and most of all, the weather.


Copperwood is housed in and under a mighty oak with tunnels leading behind a waterfall —
six times the height of a mouse — and into the mines.




Copperwood is a democratic bureaucracy led by a governor who is elected by a council of elders representing the different trades in Copperwood.

Major Trades

Copper ore, metal smithing


Copperwood imports food, clothing and other refined goods. The city’s main export is metal.


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