Though Not Today

Previously on MG 2015

Mission to Sprucetuck.

The team is on a tunnel destruction expedition with Cerol the demo expert that blew up the last tunnel.
Cover mission is to "re-enforce the scent border.
So off on Rabbits the crew goes to get all Force 10 from Navarone on the Weasel tunnels.
We stopped to clear some brush and took a nice break to visit Bort’s family. The Hayseeds provided a great dinner and a little bit of skepticism over our cover story.

Second day on the road we met rain, sleet, and light snow. After an uneventful cold night camp, we came to the stream that had a bridge out. After some discussion, the team decided to “bridge” the bridge gap with some sticks. Jasper and Carole took a plunge? (notes are fuzzy here) Built a fire and got everyone back up to feeling a little better.

Next day was Elmoss: (Notes are disconnected here)

I seem to remember something about stealing in the other towns, possible rumors of a camp of rebels and Cole learning some stuff about his brother that was very upsetting. We are resting in Elmoss and learning some rumors. Everyone healed up. Jasper may still be sick and or tired.


Yithian Yithian

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