The runty son of Guard Captain Thurgood.

Age 17 Parents Thurgood, Delma
Home Lockhaven Senior Artisan Pate
Fur Color Gray Mentor Gurney
Guard Rank Tenderpaw Friend Rosalee
Cloak Color Enemy Walmond
Fate 3
Persona 2


Rating Advancement Rating Advancement
Nature (Mouse) 5 / 7 0/0 Resources 3 0/0
Will 2 0/0 Circles 2 0/0
Health 6 0/1


I will keep the territories safe.


Don’t disappoint Garrow.


Be aware of shifts in the weather.


Garrow, Bort, Jasper, Gurney


Name Checks
Generous 1
Alert 3
Quick-witted 1


Name Rating Pass Fail
Fighter 0 1 2
Healer 0 0 0
Instructor 0 0 0
Pathfinder 0 0 0
Scout 0 0 0
Survivalist 4 0 0
Weather watcher 6 0 1
Weaver 2 0 0
Orator 0 0 0
Deceiver 0 0 0
Persuader 2 0 0
Armorer 3 0 0
Cartographer 3 0 0


Hidey-hole Wise


Cole is the youngest son of Guard Captain Thurgood; the runt. He was never really interested in anything practical and spent most of his childhood day-dreaming and exploring Lockhaven with his friend Rosalee. He’d often skip lectures and yard practice to watch the weather change from Lockhaven’s high dormitories.

Thurgood signed Cole up for the guard as soon as he came of age to try and teach the boy some sense in hopes that he’d survive on his own should anything become of Lockhaven. His first season among the guard was miserable and he made quick enemies with Walmond, who was always rough on him during yard practice. He stayed close friends with Rosalee but doesn’t get to see her as much now that he has guard duties to tend to throughout Lockhaven.

Cole doesn’t want to disappoint his father and is trying very hard to make the guard work.


Though Not Today Yithian abutcher