Bort Hayseed

Hardworking Tenderpaw


Bort grew up in a farming family and as such was put to work in the fields at a very young age. Pa farmed wheat and Ma made bread with it. Pa taught Bort the importance of diligence, hard-work, and fair-dealing.

When not in the fields working, Bort was an indifferent student but became fast friends with Arno. Arno was the brains and Bort was the brawn. A few of the local mice (lead by Baron) weren’t impressed with Arno’s intelligence and took it upon themselves to harrass and ridicule him. Bort’s right hook generally convinced them to take their jeers elsewhere.

But being the youngest of five brothers, Bort knew that he wasn’t going to inherit the farm so he decided to seek his fortune in the Guard. He tried to persuade Arno to come with him, but Arno was smitten with the local beauty and wouldn’t leave, so Bort struck out on his own to Lockhaven.

Bort Hayseed

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