Harvesting sap from the spruce trees in the area, the sciencemice of Sprucetuck brew various beers and elixirs. They infuse them with many natural remedies.

In the winter, the mice stay warm by utilizing hot stones they place on a central fire and carry to their apartment dens.

There are a few laborer jobs at Sprucetuck, including sap harvesting, central fire tending and hot rock delivery, but most of the work done here involves more thought. Mouse science is focused on mouse health, crop health, pest control, some metallurgy and the study of the heavens.


Sprucetuck is part of a hollow spruce tree. Inside, the mice built a multileveled dwelling. Supplies are shuttled to the upper levels using a series of counterweighted lifts. Rainwater is collected held in a cistern in the roots of the tree.




Sprucetuck is managed by a governor with a lifetime term. The governor names his successor upon stepping down from the office. Monetarily, Sprucetuck uses a coin shared by Elmoss and Copperwood (and Walnutpeck
before it fell). They are leery of coin from too far away, as few mice from Sprucetuck travel and they have little use for “foreign” coins.

Major Trades

Scientific work: apothecary, science, mathematics


Sprucetuck imports almost all grain and food. It exports medicines, elixirs and poisons.


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