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Mouse relationships

Mouse Mentor Senior Artisan Parents Friend Enemy
Gurney Pellore the Healer Miles the Baker Hoot and Doris (Rootwallow) Garrow Taren the traitor
Garrow Nola the Pathfinder Tamara the Cartographer Max and Rona (Port Sumac) Gurney Davis the Loremouse (Barkstone)
Jasper Sergey the FIghter Fenrist the Insectrist Baxter and Ophelia (Copperwood) Elvin the Smith Mikkel the rebel (Calgaro)
Cole Gurney Pate the Armorer Cpt Thurgood, Delma (Lockhaven) Rosalee Walmond
Bort Garrow Flower the baker Ma and Pa Arno Baron

Mouse beliefs and instincts

Mouse Belief Instinct
Gurney The Guard protects, so the guard must prevail Tactical strategist with uncanny lay of the land sense
Garrow I will find the perfect place to settle down. I will find my best balance before acting
Jasper One mouse is better than two. Stick my nose in where it doesn’t belong.
Cole I will keep the territories safe. Be aware of shifts in the weather.
Bort Actions speak louder than words Apply elbow grease

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