This idyllic town is surrounded by a grove of apple trees. It’s primarily a harvesting community and is fairly independent.

Appleloft is small groups of buildings in, and around the roots of the apple trees. Several homes, however, have been built into and onto the branches of the trees. A large series of halls have been constructed under the largest apple tree in the center of the grove; this is the meeting center and archives. The loamy soil makes digging easy, but stone, very rare here, or wood must be used to shore up the construction.




Appleloft is run by a manager who’s responsible for directing the efforts of the town. The manager prioritiezes which foods to harvest, how many mice should be assigned to collecting food or building structures, etc. Consequently, most mice in Appleloft are generalists and there are few truly exceptional tradesmice.

When the manger steps down, he or she will hand-pick the replacement.

Major Trades

Harvesting and brewing is the primary trade in Appleloft, though most mice have some experience in many trades.


Blackrock has to import most of its metal tools and exports food and wooden tools


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