Though Not Today

The Challenge of Air Defense

Repairs are underway but have been slowed by splitting the craftsmice between rebuilding housing, reinforcing the town’s watch posts and repairing the grain storage by the oak tree.

How will the patrol deal with the squirrel stealing from the town’s stores? What other problems endanger the craftsmice’s work?

Cave-ins and Other Hazards

The patrol must figure out how to prioritize Ironwood’s needs. Do they help the Overseer clear and rebuild the mine so that the ore can flow to the rest of the Territories? Do they prioritize the protection of the civilian reconstruction as the Governor asks? Or will they split up and try to do both?

Meanwhile, what happened to the weasels from the road?

Summer Daze

The tumultuous spring has given way to summer and the mice of the Territories go to work preparing for the fall.

The patrol is tasked with escorting craftsmice from Lockhaven to Ironwood and protecting the town while it rebuilds from the spring’s heavy storms. What dangers approach the town?

Tearing Down Camp

Jasper has been taken captive by a band of rebels!

Can the rest of the patrol rescue him and chase off the enemy encampment?

Something in the Water

The first casualty of the illness ravaging Appleloft has died overnight and the mice of the town want to get out of the quarantine before the plague intensifies and claims its next victim.

How will the patrol keep the peace?

On apples and mail

The patrol arrives at Appleloft and discovers why there has been no word from the town yet.

What lurks in the forest?
Escort mission!

Loralai (an apprentice smith from Copperwood) asks the patrol to escort her from Blackrock to Copperwood.

Can the patrol get her there safely?

Absent Fathers

The patrol heads back into Juniper Swamp to find Joseff (or, more likely, his remains) to give Catelyn some closure.

Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will they find more?

On the Road Again...

The patrol sets back out on the trail but not before being waylaid by an old foe!

Meanwhile, the rain shows no signs of letting up, making the trails even more treacherous. But not everymouse can stay tucked inside their hidey-holes for this long!

Serpents and Bridges
It's not just trolls that live under bridges

The patrol rescued Bort from nearly drowning in the river only to be attacked by a water snake!

After driving off the snake and nearly losing their mail to a magpie, the patrol made it to Blackrock. Once there, they rested up a bit and prepared to set back out on the trail.


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