Patrol Leader


Seasoned veteran of many patrols, a decent fighter in melee with a spear as the main weapon, a good insectrist with a pet beetle named Paul, and quiet a good flautist. Mentor to Cole.

Age: 40

Home town: Rootwallow

Fur color: Dark grey

Guard rank: Patrol Leader

Parents: Hoot(nick name) and Doris

Cloak color: Dark Blue

Senior artisan: (Same as Jasper’s) the Insectarist.

Mentor: Pellor the healer
Friend: Garrow the Patrol Guard

Enemy: Taren: A former friend who sided with the rebellion and tried to use Gurney to gather information about patrols and Guard locations.

Belief: The Guard protects, so the Guard must prevail.

Instinct: Tactical strategist with uncanny lay of the land sense

Goal: Educate the younglings on the finer points of getting the mission completed and ensuring all mice are kept safe.


Gurney grew up in Rootwallow the son of a silk harvester, Martin and his wife, Doris, a weaver. Martin who got his nickname, Hoot, when his strategy to entrap an owl that was terrorizing Rootwallow by using a strong silk net he weaved was a success. Gurney was so inspired by his father’s deed he vowed at a young age to join the Guard and help defend mice everywhere.

As a young mouse, when he was not helping his parents with the silk harvest and caring for the silk worms, Gurney spent time exploring the nearby fields and woods. His natural skills with trail blazing and insects helped him rise through the ranks in the Guard. He is also quite good at passing this knowledge on to the new Guard mice. His flute skills have helped him communicate and tame insects. He has a long time pet beetle named, Paul.

Gurney is good friends with Garrow and Thurgood, as they all started in the guard around the same time and have served on patrols together. Gurney promised Thurgood that he would look after Cole and try to help him become a fine Guard mouse.


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