Blue grey Patrol Guard. Raised a sailor, now a pathfinder



Age: 37

Home town: Port Sumac

Fur color: Blue-grey

Guard rank: Patrol Guard

Parents: Max and Rona

Cloak color: Green

Senior artisan: Tamara the Cartographer

Mentor: Nola the Pathfinder

Friend: Capt. Gurney

Enemy: Davis the Loremouse

Belief: I will find the perfect place to settle down.

Instinct: I will find my best balance before acting


Born on a boat, Garrow has been to many amazing places across the sea. As he grew up, however, he realized that he did not know much about the inner lands. The Mouse Guard seemed like the perfect way to continue exploring.

Now that he is older, has seen a lot, and been wet, cold, and uncomfortable more often than not, Garrow is beginning to think about retirement. If only he could find the perfect spot.


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