Though Not Today

Into the Ferret's Den

Armed with apothecary’s explosives, the patrol descends into Darkheather to collapse the tunnels into the Mouse Territories. But it quickly becomes apparent they aren’t alone in the dark.

Hard Rain

The fall weather takes a turn and the patrol gets delayed on their way to Sprucetuck.

Previously on MG 2015

Mission to Sprucetuck.

The team is on a tunnel destruction expedition with Cerol the demo expert that blew up the last tunnel.
Cover mission is to "re-enforce the scent border.
So off on Rabbits the crew goes to get all Force 10 from Navarone on the Weasel tunnels.
We stopped to clear some brush and took a nice break to visit Bort’s family. The Hayseeds provided a great dinner and a little bit of skepticism over our cover story.

Second day on the road we met rain, sleet, and light snow. After an uneventful cold night camp, we came to the stream that had a bridge out. After some discussion, the team decided to “bridge” the bridge gap with some sticks. Jasper and Carole took a plunge? (notes are fuzzy here) Built a fire and got everyone back up to feeling a little better.

Next day was Elmoss: (Notes are disconnected here)

I seem to remember something about stealing in the other towns, possible rumors of a camp of rebels and Cole learning some stuff about his brother that was very upsetting. We are resting in Elmoss and learning some rumors. Everyone healed up. Jasper may still be sick and or tired.

Advance Scouting

All summer long, the Guard has been getting reports of weasel activity in the southwestern territories. This cannot stand!

Gwendolyn sends the patrol to Sprucetuck to reinforce the scent border. Weasels sneaking into the territories during the winter could be disastrous.

Tunnels and Cave-ins

The mine’s explosives have gone missing! Who took them and why?

The Challenge of Air Defense

Repairs are underway but have been slowed by splitting the craftsmice between rebuilding housing, reinforcing the town’s watch posts and repairing the grain storage by the oak tree.

How will the patrol deal with the squirrel stealing from the town’s stores? What other problems endanger the craftsmice’s work?

Cave-ins and Other Hazards

The patrol must figure out how to prioritize Ironwood’s needs. Do they help the Overseer clear and rebuild the mine so that the ore can flow to the rest of the Territories? Do they prioritize the protection of the civilian reconstruction as the Governor asks? Or will they split up and try to do both?

Meanwhile, what happened to the weasels from the road?

Summer Daze

The tumultuous spring has given way to summer and the mice of the Territories go to work preparing for the fall.

The patrol is tasked with escorting craftsmice from Lockhaven to Ironwood and protecting the town while it rebuilds from the spring’s heavy storms. What dangers approach the town?

Tearing Down Camp

Jasper has been taken captive by a band of rebels!

Can the rest of the patrol rescue him and chase off the enemy encampment?

Something in the Water

The first casualty of the illness ravaging Appleloft has died overnight and the mice of the town want to get out of the quarantine before the plague intensifies and claims its next victim.

How will the patrol keep the peace?


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